Our skills

Quality control

Items are controlled according to the specifications stipulated as given on the order form, which is submitted by the client to C&QD.
Items can be, single article assemblies from all types of materials, for example, aluminium, steel, plastic, rubber, brass etc…

Advantages :

Clients benefit from lower costs by having their products controlled by our qualified personnel.
The quality of your products is guaranteed.
We offer client satisfaction.


C&QD puts qualified personnel at your disposal for reworking tasks :
Porosity sealing using metal and resin impregnation and filling techniques
Deburring and blasting
Thread recovery
Component replacement
Component cleaning
Retouching of vehicles

Your benefits :

Reduction of rejects
Containment of costs
Your production objectives realized

Vehicle activities cont.

– Retouching / polishing
– Replacement / fitting of decals and badges

Bodywork examination

– inspection and reworking of surface irregularities on unpainted steel panels

– inspection and reworking of vehicle paint work


– Modifying components

– Replacement of unsuitable parts

– Replacement of mechanical assemblies (engine, gearboxes, axels, etc…)

electrical / Electronic

-Repair / Replacement of electrical Electronic components and their associated equipment

-Software and hardware updates

-Replacement of internal / external vehicle equipment, accessories and fastening devices.

On-site quality assurance

C&QD offers, a veritable advantage for our clients / on-site trained quality assurance inspectors who,

– Respond to and follow up on incidents affecting quality

– Minimize financial loss and brand image damage

– Ensure permanent client satisfaction

– Carry out controls, checks and inspections directly on-site

– Carry out stock control

– C&QD arranges for the approval certificates of single components

– Notes and rejects parts which do not conform to specifications

– Returns to supplier non-compliant parts for further analysis

– Attends technical and crises meetings

– Raises and completes the necessary reporting forms e.g. « 8D report » and conducts follow up action to prevent reoccurrence of the problem

– Managers and monitors the sorting of items

Components and sub-assemblies

We offer you our expertise in the assembling of components and building of sub-assemblies in the fields of :

– mechanics

– electrics

– electronics

– pneumatics

– hydraulics

Packaging and logistics

C&QD offer packaging and logistics services :
Logistic :
– storage facilities at C&QD

– Including forklift services and the arranging of in-house logistics at your company

Packaging :
– Packaging service either on your own premises or at C&QD. Upon request, we can provide the necessary packaging materials.

You benefit from :

Optimal usage of your space

We guarantee efficient supply chain management

Process Development

Step by step development of your processes conducted by qualified personnel

– Validation of manufacturing processes and that your suppliers conform to industry norms

– Component inspection and checks of your products

– Inspection of pre-series / parts and conformity to specifications. Confirmation of scrapped parts not conforming to specifications.

– Participation at technical and crisis meetings

– Assessment and reporting of Pareto, 8D, action plan for manufacturing incidents and problems

– Raising of documentation for sorting procedure and relevant reporting by using specification sheets and checking suitability of processes used.

– Arranging the location and the qualification of the personnel.

Bespoke services

– Maintenance of your equipment to a high level

– Servicing of equipment

– Technical cleaning : parts including chemical bath, ultra-sonic and blasting techniques.

C&QD can arrange any other technical requirements you need.